Prior to the manufacturing processes being mechanized, textiles were produced in the home, and excess sold for extra money. Most cloth was made from either wool, cotton, or flax, depending on the era and location. For example, during the late medieval period, cotton became known as an imported fiber in northern Europe, without any knowledge of what it came from other than that it was a plant;


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Dear Members, NOTICE is hereby given that the 44th Annual General Meeting of the Members of PREMIER SYNTHETICS LIMITED will be held on Monday, the 22th day of August, 2014 at 3.00 p.m. at JBF House, 2nd Floor, Old Post Office Lane, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai - 400 002 to transact the following business:...
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Industrial Area, Village – Pawne
Post Kherna,  Thane Belapur Road,
Navi Mumbai

Distt. Thane (Maharashtra)
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