Code of conduct for Directors and Senior Management Personnel

The board of Director, in terms of clause 49 I (D) of listing agreement for Corporate Governance, Lays down this code of conduct for all the Board members and senior management personnel of Blue Blends (India) Limited.

-Directors and senior managers shall maintain high level of integrity and ethical conduct.

-Directors and senior managers shall not at any time, without the consent in writing of the Managing Director of the company, except under legal process divulge or make public any of the secrets of the company, which ought not to be disclosed.

-Directors and senior managers shall be true and faithful to the company in all his accounts, business dealings and transactions whatsoever and will at all times when required render a true and correct account thereof to the company or such person as shall be authorized by the managing director.

-Directors and senior managers shall strictly follow the rules and regulations of the company as are made applicable to them from time to time.

-Directors and senior managers shall ensure that they use the Company’s assets, properties and services for official purposes only or as per the terms of appointment.

-Directors and senior managers shall not receive directly or indirectly any benefit from the company’s business associates which, is intended or can be perceived as being given to gain favor for dealing with the company.

-Directors and senior managers shall not engage in any material business relationship or activity, which conflicts with their duties towards the Company without the consent of the Managing Director.

-Directors and senior managers shall declare information about their relatives (spouse, children and parents) employed in the company.

-Directors and senior managers shall instill a proper sense of discipline and high level of integrity and ethical conduct amongst their subordinates.

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